Label Support

Traditional record labels and publishing houses are no longer necessary for the majority of artists. That's what we believe anyway. It's never been easier to self-promote, self-publish and self-distribute.


But dealing with all that admin plus a demanding live performance schedule remains challenging! 

We work closely with you to identify where we can add real value, and create simple commission-based deals depending on the level of service required.

Our roster of artists is small, allowing us to offer excellent personalised service. 

Live Support

With over 15 years of experience managing the itinerary of international acts, we are well positioned to seamlessly handle all the details when it comes to public & corporate bookings and tour management.


  • Live Performance Bookings & Management

  • Contracts & Label negotiation

  • Tax Solutions

  • ​Press Releases

  • Radio Plugging

  • Profile Positioning

  • Photoshoots & Video Production

  • Event Entertainment Production


One on one sessions for advice on recording and publishing deals, promotional ideas, production, release & marketing strategies.

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